Fashion & Art a Potent Potion!

Fashion 4By Beverly Pereira Photography: Courtesy Tarun Tahiliani & The Singh Twins

Tarun Tahiliani’s Spring Summer 15 collection showcased at the Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2015 features motifs, imagery and colours inspired by the celebrated art of the British-Indian Singh Twins…

Fashion and Art are not exactly strange bedfellows. Think Andy Warhol’s portrait of Yves Saint Lauren or Warhol’s iconic flowers that played muse to Prada’s Spring 2013 collection. More recently and closer to home, Tarun Tahiliani has collaborated with the internationally acclaimed Singh Twins, whose works of art play muse to his Lakme Fashion Week Spring Summer -15 collection.

The London-born, Liverpool-based Singh Twins, Amrit and Rabindra, describe their work as -past modern’ as opposed to Post Modern, portraying their Indian and British identities through the application of eastern and western aesthetics. Using motifs that represent British Asian life, cityscapes and pop culture, their work is tinged with the personal and the political and can be viewed as a social commentary with tongue-in-cheek humour.

Hugely inspired by this melange, the designer launched a ready-to-wear fashion line at the Wills India Fashion 2014 in Delhi as an ode to the Singh Twins’ art. He has now crafted garments for the Mumbai Lakme Fashion Week that bring to life the Twins’ well-received Indian miniature paintings, detailed black and white drawings and digital mixed medium art that explores an exclusive relationship with their home city of Liverpool.

Tarun, himself, is known to skilfully blend the modern and the traditional and augmenting this with the Twins’ affinity for reviving the age-old technique of miniature painting and the juxtaposition of modern iconography has led to a range of digitally printed separates – kaftans, jewel tees, dhoti skirts, lungi skirts, leggings and dresses etc. Some colour palettes and elements have been creatively reworked by the designer to harmonise with the collection. The twins’ Wheel of Fortune has been incorporated as a whole on to a Tahiliani kurta, while decorative motifs from their black and white Aquarius have been reassembled and colourised within the design of another outfit. Silk kaftans, much like a vast canvas, allow the twins’ paintings to come through beautifully. Saris are rife with colours, featuring borders that carry Persian motifs borrowed from their paintings.

His menswear also features text vignettes, stylised clouds and waves, borders and decorative motifs from several of the twins’ works, offering fashion lovers an artistic take-away, proving yet again that the art and fashion are strong counter-influencers! click here to view images from the collection on

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Haster underwear- the Polish entrant set to rule the underwear fashion scene

Fashion 3Haster underwear- the Polish entrant set to rule the underwear fashion scene Haster underwear is one underwear fashion brand that was introduced in the year 2009 and since then, this Polish company has carved out a place for itself, differing from all other brands with their simple but sophisticated selection of underwear styles and the use of environmentally friendly and high quality materials and fabrics used to give maximum comfort to the wearer! The various articles of clothing manufactured and produced by the brand include boxer brief underwear, g string underwear, brief underwear, long underwear, long sleeved t shirts, muscle top t shirts, square cut trunk swimwear, short sleeved t shirts, tank top t shirts, etc. The boxer brief underwear of Haster is sold in two varieties of materials and fabrics used- 100% cotton and 100% microfiber or supplex. The general shades of men?s underwear from Haster are shades of grey, black and white. The main features that are noticeable in all varieties of Haster underwear is the fact that it is seamless, offering non stretch support, free moving flexibility and flawless comfort. The materials used for Haster underwear deserve special mention! The material supplex helps you stay dry and cool as the process of drying is faster than ordinary cotton. However, the feel is just like cotton. In fact, they do not shrink or crease and their colours stay intact despite repeated washing. Their full breathability, fast drying nature and ability to hold shape make them a popular choice as sportswear. Some of Haster underwear is thermo-active, which gives high functionality and makes you feel good even in the harshest situations and weather. The material helps in transferring moisture and sweat away from your skin effectively and helps the skin stay dry! The microfiber used stays long-lasting, fresh and hygienic due to the fact that it has been treated with sanitised antimicrobial treatment, which helps in the prevention of bacterial growth and helps you stay fresh even after a long hard day full of vigorous activities. It is also lightweight, soft as well as quick drying. Haster underwear offers the best fit and resists deformation, helping you to provide the best and most comfortable fit that flatters your physique. Haster underwear is very durable and does not provide any uncomfortable chafing, thereby improving your performance in the field! To take a good look at the entire range of Haster underwear, visit us at Deal by Ethan today!

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Glorious Ethnic Fashion For Women

Fashion 2In this modern era, fashion status has become common aspiration, and everyone wants to look voguish and tasteful. Ever wondered the fashion that we follow on a daily basis has a significant influence on the way we think and feel about ourselves. In reality, the ways we appear and distinguish forms our self-image, and shape our enduring style and persona. Trendy and comfortable clothes show a cool and sporty side of our persona whereas formal and decent clothing signify sophisticated disposition.

So despite the fact that you are bound with your dressing styles on daily basis, it is merely during special occasions and celebration when you can change your outlook and try your wings out for something different and attractive, that would give different zest to your style. For such auspicious and joyous occasions, Indian ethnic clothes such as Patiala Salwar suits or Kurtis for girls are the greatest way to show off your feminine charm.

Indian ethnic clothes have propensity to grace your persona and make you look gorgeous. The splendor and glory of Indian dresses is simply invincible, which can enhance any feminine person with regal ethnic styles. With the latest designs and styles in Indian ethnic clothes, you can be the center of attention at occasion or festive party. Indian ethnic clothes are not only the most traditional and elegant outfits for women, but has now also become a desired fashion statement for style perceptive modern women.

Ethnic styles have become most preferred choice for Indian women, and even young girls have steered their preferences towards Indian ethnic clothes such as Kurtis for girls and Patiala Salwar suits. In recent times, these ethnic styles and trends have gained enormous admiration not only in India, but also in many other countries. Many foreign nations have apprehended the elegance of Indian ethnic clothes and they have commenced to follow Indian trends with an aspiration to have unique and outstanding fashion statements.

To cater to this ever-growing demand for designer Indian wear, there are many online fashion boutiques, which have presented their collection of Indian ethnic clothes in variety of designs, patterns and styles. One of these boutiques is, which is an online store of renowned Indian brand Sabhyata.

The fashion boutique of Shopsabhyata is all about Indian ethnicity and its infusion to latest trends in vogue, which results magic weaved out of fabrics. Creating most exquisite Kurtis for girls, wonderful Salwar and Churidar, modish Patiala Salwar suits, and numerous more creations, Shopsabhyata has become foremost choice of every fashion forwarded female in India.

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Smart Ideas: Businesses Revisited

What You Can Get from Direct Marketing

The direct marketing is really a unique sales method which involves approaching the prospective customers. The direct marketing’s target is to offer information to the customers without having to use media. To make sure that the direct marketing becomes successful, then it is very important for the business individuals to maintain a huge database of the personal information of customers.

Direct marketing is really common to the business groups or those service providers with a particular market, the traditional methods of marketing like radio or newspapers are not being utilized. Also a great reason why this is used by many companies is that the method can be measured directly. For instance, if you are going to send emails to the customers which provide product description, you will know the actual number of individuals who have responded. Thus, this method of marketing will have to depend completely on the customers’ response.

Direct marketing can help resolve the challenges which have emerged in the market that allow the business owners to get new customers and increase their profitability. It is thought that there are so many customers that get so many messages which give the business people the opportunity to deliver really good results on the investment.

Through the use of this marketing method, the business owners have been given the opportunity to get a higher efficiency and also reduce the wastage because they are targeting the customers whom they think will purchase or respond to them. After knowing those prospective customers, it is a lot easier for the business to provide more options to a lot of customers. For instance, you may send request to them and also invite them to join any business affiliate programs since they can get the experience of purchasing your goods. Because of this, you can develop that strong relationship with the customers. It must be noted, however, that through the use of email as a way to reach your customers, you must also be able to follow all the professional approach that can help you obtain more customers.

There are various benefits that you will be able to get by using direct marketing with the goal of reaching those potential customers who will permit the business owners to have more profits from the investments which they make. It can surely help when you know more of the different advantages that you can get from direct marketing so that you will be convinced about why you must use this type of marketing method for the business and for you to obtain great benefits. If you have chosen the marketing method that works, then you can improve your return of investment.

Source: Aquira

Finding Ways To Keep Up With Sales

Improving Sales Growth With the Help of E-Commerce

The prolific use of Internet has changed the way industries do their business. Electronic commerce has come a long way since it started and it is now considered as one of the most efficient and fastest expanding business worldwide. It first became popular among the American and European consumers who saw the many advantages offered by this way of conducting business, and its popularity has now spread in many countries where the internet is becoming more available. This is one of the best tools a businessman can learn and have that will help boost business profit and expand its areas of reach as well. Regardless of the size of your business, look at the benefits e-commerce will give your business.

What are the advantages of e-commerce?

Unrestricted Geographical Reach

A disadvantage of a local shop is that it is confined within a certain area. Ecommerce offers a wide customer reach simply because there is no limit. The customer base is vast because you are now operating on a world-wide level. The higher number of customer visits, the better chance of increasing sales and visibility. Your target audience is not just limited to your town and to the next town, it has now spread worldwide. This also puts you on advantage even among big retail chains.

Handling your Resources Better

Putting up a virtual store means you do business transactions online, so there is no need for unnecessary bills that comes from running an office. There will be expenses in creating and maintaining a website, but the cost is still lesser unlike the traditional shops.

No closing period

Just like the internet, e-commerce is available online all the time. Having a vast client base means that there are differences in the time they visit the store and process orders.

Offers Better Payment Options

Brick and mortar shops accept cash, cards and occasionally checks, but online shop clients have a wider range of choices in the manner of how they want to pay, especially since they are dealing with international customers.

Flexible Marketing

Whether your shop is a virtual one or a conventional one, one of your main considerations is building a client pool. The customer base of a conventional retail store is dependent on the people living in the surrounding area. Online shops have a longer list of clients. Retail merchandisers have limited marketing options because it can be costly. Virtual shops can utilize up to as many marketing tools because it takes only a short time to finish and is convenient to use. The cheapest way to promote the business is through social network sites, which you do not have to pay for.

Ecommerce can help you grow your business and gain more profit. Ecommerce equalizes the ground for all investors. You will be presented with bigger responsibilities and unlimited chances.

Source: Connecting with Consumers Online

3 Products Tips from Someone With Experience

Monogrammed Jewelry: The Best Gift Ever

It’s undeniable how monogrammed jewelry has become a very popular gift choice these days. Somehow, we always seem to find a reason to give someone such a token so special. With or without a special occasion, it always feels right to give this type of jewelry. Of course, only the most special people in our lives are deserving of it. The beauty in monogrammed jewelry gifts is that people treasure them their entire lives, including the person behind the gift. It’s like an unbreakable bond, even if the giver or receiver doesn’t realize it. What’s even more perfect is that monogram service are easy to find. Almost all jewelry shops and major malls actually have them.

If you’re wondering how or when this whole monogramming trend started, it has certainly been ages ago. However, what we all know is that we all first learned about it at some wedding we attended. Remember those spoons, cake knives and champagne glasses monogrammed with the initials of the couple? This is probably one of the best reasons to offer the bride and groom a gift of monogrammed jewelry.

In fact, not just the couple but also their bridesmaids and groomsmen also deserve these pieces. Monogrammed jewelry does add a more memorable touch to an occasion this special. Even guests may actually be given these pieces by the couple. Whoever is receiving it, monogrammed jewelry always warms hearts.

As mentioned, monogrammed jewelry can be ordered at a jewelry store. This is where you can find a great variety of different styles. Of course, you can choose to use a custom design like most people do. Monogrammed jewelry can also be ordered in various forms, such as rings, earrings, anklets, bracelets, pendants and more. Because of the specialty skill or equipment required to create beautiful monograms, these pieces are going to be more expensive than regular ones. And unsurprisingly, the more intricate your design is, the pricier it will be. Still, there are jewelers that are eager to offer competitive pricing. The idea is to check out as many stores as you can and make comparisons.

If you’re going to buy online, it’s going to be faster and easier for sure, but trickier as well. As you know, the Internet is a world of possibilities, good and bad, so research is very, very important. Buy from popular jewelers as they are most probably the safest. Besides, they’re the ones with a reputation to protect. Make it a point to read online reviews, but ensure that these were actually written by customers, and not by jewelers who are trying to market themselves or destroy the names of their competitors. Better yet, ask for referrals from friends, relatives or maybe coworkers who may have ordered monogrammed jewelry before.


Getting To The Point – Options

The Amazing Benefits of Vacation Rentals

A holiday gives you the chance to loosen up, spend ample time with your family and recover from strenuous work and commitments. Numerous people use this opportunity to travel to holiday destinations and different spots of interests. For those who are looking to keep the cost of their vacation down, there are cottages that you can rent and enjoy quality time while there, so worry less. Let’s face it; renting a cottage is a good way to spend a vacation with your loved ones. A cottage is family friendly; they are situated in quiet places. Cottages have a large compound that is fit for the children to jump around.

Cost, the cost of leasing cottages changes from place to place. The expenses, all things considered, depend on upon the style, design, comfort, the amount of people and the facilities provided. Some cottages are charming and have superb views. Rental cottages are considered less costly than hotels, especially if you are booking an extended stay. Renting offers several ways to maximize your travel budget by keeping costs down. Most rental cottages have extra civilities that will help in saving some cash. A cottage with Full kitchen will allow you to spend less on eateries; on site dryers and washers will spare you the sum you would have utilized on Laundromats.

A considerable measure of space for everyone. Holiday time is precious, so why spend your holiday cooped up in a middle-sized or a small room? Rental cottages are always spacious, and there is a great deal of floor space in the restroom, living room, kitchen, and an alternate eating area. Having a bigger room simply means that you can stretch out and unwind taking after a clamoring day exploring the outside. The kids will be thrilled as they will have a lot of space to play. A holiday cottage is comparable to your second home; you can do anything you would like with your leisure hours.

Rental cottages give you a chance to live like a local. Holiday cottages offer a different experience from that of hotels. They offer a slower pace, laid-back and reflective of how the local people live. Hotels are often crowded with tourists or hurried business people eager to keep time. Renting a cottage is different from renting a hotel, renting a cottage gives you much wealthier experience; you will have a perfect chance to acknowledge everything that a destination conveys to the table before going home-a long way from home.

Remember to call ahead to find out if there is staff or owner accessible should there be issues with the cottage or in case they carry insurance. You will be given a contract that you will have to sign. This agreement ought to specify the terms, conditions, and policies, for example, cancellation policy and obligation of the proprietor, company or tenant. It is a smart thought to request references from individuals concerning a particular rental cottage.


The Path To Finding Better Promotions

The Benefits of Using Coupon Codes

Marketers and manufacturers are using coupon to be able to attract or get the attention of the customers, it is believed to be a famous promotional strategy. With the ongoing increase of consumer good as well as services, everyone tend to save money, even those that can truly afford, still want a discount.

Online shopping codes begin,because of the popularity of coupons that were only available before through paper. The online shopping codes are created to be able to promote the savings through online, as well as the millions of online items.

One of the main advantages when you use these coupon codes are the discount you can avail from the main product itself, as well as the shipping’s discount and sometimes this shipment can be free. It would be a big plus, if the retailer will provide free shipping, since most online shopper will prefer such. For customers side, doing online shopping and having their products being shipped for free is a great convenient, so many online retailers are providing this service.

The next advantage is when they will offer buy one take one for half the price or for free at all. This could be the same item that you will avail, or another product that is also in their promotion.

And also a great advantage of these codes, is that you can go and shop whenever you are most convenient. Before a coupon expires it will last for weeks and or a month, but you will surely be able to find best or great deals and purchase your item when your money is ready.

Coupon codes are so easy to find, just go online and type in the search engine, coupon code or promo, hundreds of websites will pop up and are offering them.. Another option is to go to your most visited shopping site and sign to their mailing list. You can get those codes on a retailer’s website, or affiliates sites, no need to cut out from some newspaper and or magazine. There are also printable code, it means you can have your offline shopping to your favorite retail store.

Coupons are easy to use, to find , convenient and good way to save. Redeeming them is never a burden, you just needed to log in to the site of the retailer, go to the shopping cart, or it can be in the review page before you check out, just follow the quick steps. To avail those codes, you are not required to be computer savvy, for either option will surely work. As soon the page will show the item’s original price, and so as your discount, then your code in working.
If the supposed discount will not pop up, the tendency is that your code is expired, or you may retype it.