Fashion & Art a Potent Potion!

Fashion 4By Beverly Pereira Photography: Courtesy Tarun Tahiliani & The Singh Twins

Tarun Tahiliani’s Spring Summer 15 collection showcased at the Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2015 features motifs, imagery and colours inspired by the celebrated art of the British-Indian Singh Twins…

Fashion and Art are not exactly strange bedfellows. Think Andy Warhol’s portrait of Yves Saint Lauren or Warhol’s iconic flowers that played muse to Prada’s Spring 2013 collection. More recently and closer to home, Tarun Tahiliani has collaborated with the internationally acclaimed Singh Twins, whose works of art play muse to his Lakme Fashion Week Spring Summer -15 collection.

The London-born, Liverpool-based Singh Twins, Amrit and Rabindra, describe their work as -past modern’ as opposed to Post Modern, portraying their Indian and British identities through the application of eastern and western aesthetics. Using motifs that represent British Asian life, cityscapes and pop culture, their work is tinged with the personal and the political and can be viewed as a social commentary with tongue-in-cheek humour.

Hugely inspired by this melange, the designer launched a ready-to-wear fashion line at the Wills India Fashion 2014 in Delhi as an ode to the Singh Twins’ art. He has now crafted garments for the Mumbai Lakme Fashion Week that bring to life the Twins’ well-received Indian miniature paintings, detailed black and white drawings and digital mixed medium art that explores an exclusive relationship with their home city of Liverpool.

Tarun, himself, is known to skilfully blend the modern and the traditional and augmenting this with the Twins’ affinity for reviving the age-old technique of miniature painting and the juxtaposition of modern iconography has led to a range of digitally printed separates – kaftans, jewel tees, dhoti skirts, lungi skirts, leggings and dresses etc. Some colour palettes and elements have been creatively reworked by the designer to harmonise with the collection. The twins’ Wheel of Fortune has been incorporated as a whole on to a Tahiliani kurta, while decorative motifs from their black and white Aquarius have been reassembled and colourised within the design of another outfit. Silk kaftans, much like a vast canvas, allow the twins’ paintings to come through beautifully. Saris are rife with colours, featuring borders that carry Persian motifs borrowed from their paintings.

His menswear also features text vignettes, stylised clouds and waves, borders and decorative motifs from several of the twins’ works, offering fashion lovers an artistic take-away, proving yet again that the art and fashion are strong counter-influencers! click here to view images from the collection on

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Haster underwear- the Polish entrant set to rule the underwear fashion scene

Fashion 3Haster underwear- the Polish entrant set to rule the underwear fashion scene Haster underwear is one underwear fashion brand that was introduced in the year 2009 and since then, this Polish company has carved out a place for itself, differing from all other brands with their simple but sophisticated selection of underwear styles and the use of environmentally friendly and high quality materials and fabrics used to give maximum comfort to the wearer! The various articles of clothing manufactured and produced by the brand include boxer brief underwear, g string underwear, brief underwear, long underwear, long sleeved t shirts, muscle top t shirts, square cut trunk swimwear, short sleeved t shirts, tank top t shirts, etc. The boxer brief underwear of Haster is sold in two varieties of materials and fabrics used- 100% cotton and 100% microfiber or supplex. The general shades of men?s underwear from Haster are shades of grey, black and white. The main features that are noticeable in all varieties of Haster underwear is the fact that it is seamless, offering non stretch support, free moving flexibility and flawless comfort. The materials used for Haster underwear deserve special mention! The material supplex helps you stay dry and cool as the process of drying is faster than ordinary cotton. However, the feel is just like cotton. In fact, they do not shrink or crease and their colours stay intact despite repeated washing. Their full breathability, fast drying nature and ability to hold shape make them a popular choice as sportswear. Some of Haster underwear is thermo-active, which gives high functionality and makes you feel good even in the harshest situations and weather. The material helps in transferring moisture and sweat away from your skin effectively and helps the skin stay dry! The microfiber used stays long-lasting, fresh and hygienic due to the fact that it has been treated with sanitised antimicrobial treatment, which helps in the prevention of bacterial growth and helps you stay fresh even after a long hard day full of vigorous activities. It is also lightweight, soft as well as quick drying. Haster underwear offers the best fit and resists deformation, helping you to provide the best and most comfortable fit that flatters your physique. Haster underwear is very durable and does not provide any uncomfortable chafing, thereby improving your performance in the field! To take a good look at the entire range of Haster underwear, visit us at Deal by Ethan today!

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Glorious Ethnic Fashion For Women

Fashion 2In this modern era, fashion status has become common aspiration, and everyone wants to look voguish and tasteful. Ever wondered the fashion that we follow on a daily basis has a significant influence on the way we think and feel about ourselves. In reality, the ways we appear and distinguish forms our self-image, and shape our enduring style and persona. Trendy and comfortable clothes show a cool and sporty side of our persona whereas formal and decent clothing signify sophisticated disposition.

So despite the fact that you are bound with your dressing styles on daily basis, it is merely during special occasions and celebration when you can change your outlook and try your wings out for something different and attractive, that would give different zest to your style. For such auspicious and joyous occasions, Indian ethnic clothes such as Patiala Salwar suits or Kurtis for girls are the greatest way to show off your feminine charm.

Indian ethnic clothes have propensity to grace your persona and make you look gorgeous. The splendor and glory of Indian dresses is simply invincible, which can enhance any feminine person with regal ethnic styles. With the latest designs and styles in Indian ethnic clothes, you can be the center of attention at occasion or festive party. Indian ethnic clothes are not only the most traditional and elegant outfits for women, but has now also become a desired fashion statement for style perceptive modern women.

Ethnic styles have become most preferred choice for Indian women, and even young girls have steered their preferences towards Indian ethnic clothes such as Kurtis for girls and Patiala Salwar suits. In recent times, these ethnic styles and trends have gained enormous admiration not only in India, but also in many other countries. Many foreign nations have apprehended the elegance of Indian ethnic clothes and they have commenced to follow Indian trends with an aspiration to have unique and outstanding fashion statements.

To cater to this ever-growing demand for designer Indian wear, there are many online fashion boutiques, which have presented their collection of Indian ethnic clothes in variety of designs, patterns and styles. One of these boutiques is, which is an online store of renowned Indian brand Sabhyata.

The fashion boutique of Shopsabhyata is all about Indian ethnicity and its infusion to latest trends in vogue, which results magic weaved out of fabrics. Creating most exquisite Kurtis for girls, wonderful Salwar and Churidar, modish Patiala Salwar suits, and numerous more creations, Shopsabhyata has become foremost choice of every fashion forwarded female in India.

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Online shopping sites have always been a boon for the fashion divas who love to explore the vogue for something new and unique. The online portals are always updated with the latest collection for women for every season now and then, aiding women to buy the latest trends at the earliest. For the upcoming season of fall, the runways and fashion weeks have showcased the trendy styles of fashion statements, and online shopping for women is the key source which can help society avail all of those trends before the season ends.


The fashion weeks have said it all from the latest to the current, from the vintage to the contemporary- now it is up to us how do we buy them and how do we actually style them for our unique fashion statements. Online shopping for women can only be helpful when we are aware of what is the current fad, and how it needs to be carried on.

The very first fad of this year’s fall is the Shades of Tan. Yup, you must be surprised by reading the word ‘Tan’. We all hate it!!! But this year the fashion designers are making their best attempt to make you fall in love with this colour from top to bottom. From designer coats for women to long and ankle length boots, from ponchos and sweaters to tons of pants and skirts- the fall is all about SUEDE. To be an active part of this year’s hot fashion statements this one thing is a must buy which you could adorn to just anything. Trust me from your official ceremonies to formal and informal gatherings, the suede colour is something you cannot avoid. Online shopping sites are flooded with tons of fashion apparels and accessories in this shade and offer you the largest variety of tan shades as per your taste and preference.


The next vogue of the year is all about the lustre and glow. And there you guess me right- GOLD METALLICS. The metal has always something to say, but till date, it was only adorned in the form of an accessory. But now with changing trends and seasons, the fashion designers have used this women’s fad in the fashion apparels and have offered tons of statement garments in the particular fabric and shade. The shiny gold attire which was once prevalent at the Las Vegas parties is no more restricted to the Vegas casinos and bars. The metallic fashion in gold and silver is now available for the society for the local streets. Be it the pants, skirts, ladies dresses or even the footwears, one part of the ensemble is for sure needs to be dressed in metallics.


The latest collection for women does not end here at the fashion apparels, but also extends to the fashion accessories which can offer the hottest fashion style for this fall season.

CHOKER– the latest fashion accessory is just all over there on every online shopping site, from a teenage girl to a working professional, from an experienced woman of the society to an old hag, the women are simply going crazy behind this funky looking necklace offering a little extra oomph to the overall ensemble. From cocktail dresses to an official blouse, it is something you could wear with anything for any event and simply for no reason.


Last but not least, the final shades of PINK AND YELLOW  have got the most alluring fashion statements for this fall season. From ladies dresses to ethnic wear, from pants and shirts to even the night wears and lingerie, this blend of colours has been offering the best of collection for online shopping for women. Women just need to choose their style and can have the same color blend for their choice of attire which they can grace up for their upcoming events.


So ladies, get set to shop the latest collection for women from online retail portals like,, and more to be an active part of the current fashion trends for this year.

Fashion Jewelry and Handbags Corona Del Mar, Newport Coast, Newport Beach and Orange County, CA

Choosing Just the Right Shoes, Jewelry and Handbag for Your New Evening Gown

You’ve got that big event coming up and you’ve just picked out your new evening gown or designer dress.

Now it’s time to pick out the perfect accessories to match. The right shoes, jewelry and handbag.

It sounds simple, but in actuality, to do it right, it’s no easy task.

Fashion designs that just the right accessories can make the dress. That’s why fashion magazines splash their pages with these “complete looks.” Your ensemble will make a complete statement. It’s all about the synergy of fashion, no matter who the designers are.

So for instance, how do you select just the right piece of jewelry that goes with your new evening gown?

Well, the first thing to appreciate is in fashion there are always trends. Even when it comes to jewelry.

So now that you’ve your even gown or designer dress, your goal to select a piece of jewelry that’s in fashion and compliments you as well as your dress.

Sometimes, that can take some time, but it WILL pay off. I have seen women spend hours, even days, selecting just right earrings or necklace or bracelet.

It can be rather trying on a sales person, but when you are working with women who understand the importance of selecting the right piece of jewelry, the process is more like art form, than just a task.

For women like them, they have incredible patience and resolve. They either know what they are looking for OR they don’t know and willing to try on multiple pieces until they find THE ONE.

The other thing too is looking for that piece that not only compliments you but also is distinctive and captures the attention of someone. Enough to make them even want to comment.

The same thing goes for shoes and handbags.

The big things are to have patience, an open mind, appreciation for current fashion trends and a salesperson or boutique that’s willing to collaborate with you to find just the right piece.

If you want learn more about choosing the right accessories for your evening gown as well as selecting just the right evening gown or designer dress, visit

The Next-generation Fashion Accessory- Belly Button Navel Rings

After the immense popularization of belly button navel rings during the early 90s by famous supermodels like Christy Turlington and Alicia Silverstone, the belly button piercing has become a real style statement among women. The other reason that makes belly button piercing so very popular is the fact that they can be easily concealed with clothing making them fit to any occasion. In a truer sense, the belly button is not actually pierced in a belly button piercing but, it is a rim of the belly button that is pierced in order to wear cosmetic jewelry. This type of piercing has become immensely popular within the young community especially younger women.

After the piercing is healed, one can choose from a wide variety of available belly button navel rings. Most of these rings are very simple like just a carved barbell with two balls at two ends, but even they can be really elaborate with Swarovski crystal studded elaborate designs. They are available in a variety of price ranges starting from a simple $20 barbell made from surgical steel up to thousand dollars for a gold dangler made from actual 18 to 24 carat gold. The choice is immense when you are considering buying belly button navel rings.

Most of these jewelries may be available from your local piercing store, but the most extravagant and designer ones are usually not available. For people looking for such extravagant and most stylish belly button navel rings there are very many online stores available that usually carry a huge collection of such designer bellybutton rings to satisfy the needs of even the most fashion conscious customer. These online stores often provide different discount schemes like clearance sales and festival discounts. Such kind of discounts can provide the customer with an option of buying more than one piece of jewelry to satisfy their fashion needs.

If you are looking to attract some attention and make some inroads into the socialite’s night culture than a bellybutton ring may just be your thing. Whether you choose to flaunt it publicly or among your friends, it is undoubtedly one of the most stylish options for getting noticed and being the center of attention. This does not mean that anyone can get a bellybutton piercing, as most necessarily you must have somewhat of an “Outie” bellybutton for it to be pierced properly. When going for a bellybutton piercing always choose a dependable and health-conscious piercing salon, otherwise there may be a huge chance of infection.

Formals & Casuals Fashion- For Everything You Need, Resort to Online Shopping

We all want to look stylish and fashionable. But style is a personal aspect, it means different things to different people. What is stylish for you might not be stylish for your friend. But it is always great to try new styles every now and then. It will help you discover your personal style statement. Experiment with different styles, prints and colours. It will not only give your wardrobe a refreshing change but will also make you feel self-assured. When you are dressed to the nines, you will feel confident even when you are having a bad hair day. For all your fashion needs, resort to online shopping.

We all have different personalities. Moreover, individually, we have different sides to our personality. Wearing different outfits helps us flaunt these sides. Western outfits bring out the fun, casual side of your personality. Ethnic wear makes you look traditional and elegant. If you want to go the unconventional way, try a fusion of these styles. Wear a short kurta with a pair of jeans. With the advent of technology, you can resort to online shopping for all these style needs. Casual wear, formal wear, party wear – you name it, online stores have it.
Casuals Wear – Stay Cool and Comfortable

To flaunt a fun and casual look, try casual wear. Whether you are going out with your friends or just staying indoors, casual clothing will make you feel cool and comfortable. This summer, bring home stylish casuals like tees, polos, casual shirts. Team them with jeans, shorts or chinos. If you want to upgrade your wardrobe further, choose from jackets, sweaters, bandanas, scarves and more.

Formals – Look Smart and Elegant

Formals bring out the best in every man.They give him a sophisticated look wherever he goes. Besides, such attire is perfect when you want to leave an impression. Wear a crisp formal shirt with a pair of trousers to impress your potential employer. If you have a meeting, clad yourself in suit. Nothing can give you a more sophisticated look than a suit.

For all your formal clothing needs, log on to online stores. They have an extensive collection of shirts, trousers, blazers, ties and suits. If you’d like, you could also choose various accessories like wallets, watches and shoes to complete your look.

Resort to Online Shopping

For all your fashion online shopping needs, online stores give you a wide range of clothes to choose from. A single catalogue has everything you need. Sit at home, use filters to choose the product, place your order and have the product delivered to your doorstep.

Ear Stretching And Stretched Ear Lobe A Rite Of Passage Or A Fashion Statement

Is ear stretching a fashion statement, or are stretched ear lobes a rite of passage that some young people must have done to feel accepted in certain part of society? In fact, it appears that there is an element of both in the factors that prompt young people to have their ears gauged rather than simply be happy with normal body piercings.

The normal ear piercings of the earlier half of the 20th century began to be extended from the 1960s onwards – tattoos and tragus piercings became common, and that extended to the nose, septum, navel and other parts of the body in a drive to be better and different. Once that had reached a limit, attention turned to increasing the diameter of earlobe piercings.

Ear Stretching is Not New

This was not a new thing, because ancient cultures such as those of African, South America and Asia had been piercing various parts of their bodies for hundreds if not thousands of years, and even lip and ear stretching was commonplace in the societies of each of these continents. The West simply followed suit, and where we are now is at the piercing gauging stage. Nobody knows who first stretched their ears in the West, but it stared becoming common in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Like many such fashion trends the more outrageous tried it first, and then ear stretching began to become a fashion statement on behalf of rock and pop stars, and then catwalk models. That was enough to start the trend among the general population, so it could be argued that stretching ears was originally a fashion statement.

However, pierce gauging is a rite of passage among certain communities, such as the Maasai people of Kenya and northern Tanzania, and may also have been regarded as such among the Goths, punks and emos who were also known for their many piercings and stretchings. Nevertheless, this is insufficient to suggest that it is regarded as such to today, then stretching ears is more of a fashion statement or a ‘follow the leader’ action than anything else.

Celebrity Ear Stretching

If you favorite movie star, rock star or pop singer has a stretched piercing, then why not you? That was likely the initial impetus for most people who stretched their ear piercings, and then it may have become a contest as to who could stretch them the most. Today ear stretching appears to be more of a fashion statement that anything deeper, since there are many famous people now who are using flesh tunnels.

A recent celebrity was Dougie Poynter, the popular winner of the 2011 ITV ‘I’m a Celebrity get Me Out of Here’. Dougie is bassist and occasional vocalist of the pop group McFly, another member of which won the 2011 BBC ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. A versatile band! Followers of this band will now be liable to get their own ears stretched, and this is how ear stretching becomes popular and common across the country.

No matter what the reason, if you decide to have your earlobe piercings stretched you must make sure it is done safely and properly. You can do it yourself, although a professional ear stretcher will likely be safer but also more expensive.

DIY Ear Stretching

It is possible to purchase the equipment you need online to carry out the procedure yourself. Many men and women have done so and got perfectly good results, but it is critical that you follow the instructions to the letter and do not try to cut corners. Sterilization and cleanliness are important as is patience.

Stretched ear lobe takes time achieve properly, and if you do not leave enough time for each stretching step to heal and ‘take’, then the cosmetic surgery needed to repair the damage can be expensive! However, the steps are simple and the process relatively pain-free, and there is no reason other than carelessness or impatience for it not to be successful. Large numbers of people stretch their own ear lobes without any problems.

Where Will It End?

Piercings have developed from the standard ear piercing to tragus bars and piercings in other parts of the ear. They then progressed to the lips, nose, and navel, and then to more intimate parts of the body. Now there is nowhere else to pierce so people are turning to enlarge their piercings to as large a diameter as possible: where will it end?

While ear stretching is now commonplace, will piercings of the genitals be enlarged to an extent that these parts of the body are no longer properly functional? Doubtful – there is limit to what young people will sacrifice in the name of fashion! This limit has yet to be reached.